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Classes are held one on one via Zoom which you can chooses solely to learn to build custom websites on various platforms on its own, if you already know how to design or you can learn to design in Figma & Sketch as well at no added extra cost.

The no code custom website building platforms that will be covered are: Webflow, WordPress, Brizy Cloud, Ready Mag & Wix. This is a comprehensive no code website building course to help you build custom websites without using templated solutions, like this website you are on at the moment, with zero code.

Figma and Sketch are UX/UI design software that you design websites and mobile applications in that are industry leading software. These are not website builders, these are tools to design custom websites and mobile applications with, to be coded or to design your ideas out to be converted to a fully fledged website you can build with the skills you learn in the no code website building course.

Student's Work & Together

Student & I Where Jointly Awarded Gratefully by CSS Design Awards For A Custom Built Website

Liam worked very hard and picked up designing and building a custom website very fast. He was employed as a Trainee at a Social Enterprise, which the government of Victoria funded a project about newly arrived migrant's narratives through film.

I was tasked with training him on how to build a custom website for the funded project.

To be very honest he did 60% of the building of the website for the project, I simply taught most of the time.

This was a one on one Traineeship held right here in Melbourne.

We also worked on the organisation's website together, which because he did so well in in the Traineeship, he was fully employed for a few years then moved onto another career, but without help he had the full skills to maintain both websites on his own.

The website met and exceeded the government KPI set for that aspect and so did the rest of the project.

About Me Ken "Duncan" Mah & Why Would Want To Learn From Me?

Hi! I'm Ken "Duncan" Mah and what credentials do I have to help you with your learning? Well for starters your learning needs is why I do this. I love watching students grow to their full potential and get better than I ever will be.

I guess the brag part is that I have been doing web design/UX/UI since 2006 and have been awarded by the top web design awards and featured in leading web design articles such as: CSS Design Awards, Awwwards, CSS Winner, Mindsparkle Mag Site of The Day & Campaign Brief.

OK so you are one of those award chaser guys right? No, very grateful for the awards but when it comes to teaching I am completely genuine about wanting to help you reach your full potential and succeed at the goals you set.

OK then what makes you a good teacher then? I have been teaching for 15 years now with consistent 5 star ratings from my students and have taught students from: Academy Xi, Harness Projects, RMIT Online, Billy Blue & Curtin University.

But that doesn't answer the question, you are bragging again. Ok I guess I'm very patient and very hands on in my approach and really do my best to try and help you understand what you need to from what you want to gain out of our sessions.

I have also been awarded as a co-founder of a creative training program by NSW Youth Action, the governing body of all Youth Work in NSW, though I live in Melbourne now (well for the past 8 years).

I Have Been Gratefully Awarded With

Learn To Design In Figma & Sketch At No Added Cost

We Are a Social Enterprise As Part of
Clem Designs & The Portfolio Project.

Profits Go To Charity & Hiring Talented Creatives Referred To Us By A Social Services Employment Service

Zoom One on One 20 Hours Per Week
For Entire 6 Month Period

- Zoom One on One 20 Hours Per Week For 6 Months

- Flexible Around Your Time

- No Templates, Purely Custom Websites Without Code

- Learn To Design In Figma & Sketch At No Added Cost


Pricing - Across The Globe

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Lessons Via Zoom
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6 Months No Code Custom Website Building Course + Learn To Design In Figma & Sketch

$380 USD
Lessons Held Via Zoom
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